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Manufacturers do exactly the same with 4WDs and the real benefits of ECU Tuning are:

  • More power

  • Greater Torque

  • Better fuel economy

  • Enhanced, sharper throttle response

  • Smoother, more progressive delivery of power

  • Reliable and safe way to power up your 4WD

The process of remapping a vehicle is usually one to two-day process (most same day), as every tune is customised to each vehicle and not all ECU’s are identical in the same model vehicles.

ECU (factory computer) tuning refers to the process of replacing the original factory installed map used by the ECU of the vehicle to a custom tuned version.

ECU remapping is a complex and comprehensive procedure to alter a number of key parameters in the vehicle’s ECU including; injection timing, boost control, fuel delivery and torque limiters to name a few. The gains you will experience is a substantial increase in power and torque by up to 40% that develops a much smoother and more responsive driving experience for your 4WD. Another significant benefit you will experience is a fuel saving of up to 20%. All this extra power, torque and economy are achieved while still staying within the factory safety parameters and backed up by our own Roo Systems 5 year warranty.


Roo Systems has been carrying out research and development for the past seven years to refine ECU tuning to suit most of the popular 4WD vehicles to suit Australian conditions before launching into market (with many more makes and models to come), so you can be assured that our tunes are at the pinnacle of quality to suit your diesel 4WD.

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